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Food Management and Entrepreneurship / Bainistíocht agus Fiontraíocht Bia


What is... Food Management and Entrepreneurship?

The Higher Certificate in Food Management and Entrepreneurship is a two year full-time programme that incorporates food retail business and culinary/kitchen practical classes that facilitate the development of knowledge and skills required to work in the retail food industry. The programme embraces food sales and culinary practice, food innovation development and practical culinary modules that are focused on products found in food retail and delicatessen outlets. The programme also embraces food retail marketing and customer care modules that promote enterprise development leading to future business creations. The dynamic and competitive nature of the retail food industry requires management skills that combine professional, entrepreneurial and strategic approaches. Against this background, this programme builds on the strong links between retail culinary practice and food business and will provide students with the opportunity to work in the dynamic food and beverage related industries.

What are my... Career opportunities?

This programme recognises the complex nature of the retail culinary, general food, beverages and related industries. It thereby affords graduates the opportunity to avail of a wide range of careers.  The educational model used seeks to maximise the potential of each participating student.

Many career paths are open to graduates including: culinary retail management; food promotion in the retail sector; event catering and beverage retail management, food distribution (import and exports) and entrepreneurship. In addition, graduates may progress to a variety of graduate degree programmes in a range of related disciplines.

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have successfully completed the programme may have access to a range of Degrees in DIT and elsewhere in Higher Education. The BSc in Culinary Entrepreneurship may be of particular interest to graduates of this programme. 

Learning outcomes/What will I learn on this programme? 

This programme is designed primarily to enable students to become competent professionals who are capable of demonstrating abilities in the selection, combination, preparation, cooking and presentation and service of food in a wide variety of food retail settings. Primarily such food retailing and culinary operations settings would be retail delicatessen, catering premises, supermarkets and the wider food retail distribution industry. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of these industries and includes the three domains of knowledge, practice and individual student needs. All three domains are incorporated across the programmes modules.

The Higher Certificate is structured on three core areas of the culinary arts disciplines, namely:

  • Culinary food retailing practice in the retail and wider food distribution industry
  • Culinary Arts Science including: health, nutrition, food safety and technology
  • Management, marketing,  finance, the business of food retailing

Module Listing

Year 1

  • Introductory Nutrition
  • Communications
  • Culinary Science - Food Safety
  • Management Principles
  • Food Commodities
  • Retail Food - Foundation Kitchen Skills
  • Retail Beverage Operations
  • Retail Food Cost Control & Finance
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Catering Systems & Administration
  • Applied Communications & Customer Care Management
  • Retail Food - Retail Deli Counter Kitchen Skills

Year 2

  • Human Resource Management
  • Culinary Information Systems
  • Product Theory
  • Meat Technology
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Retail Food - Commercial Restaurant/Cafe Operations in Culinary Retail
  • Retail Beverage Operations
  • Introduction to Legal Studies for licenced premises
  • Enterprise Development
  • Applied Retail Food Marketing
  • Retail Food - Retail Bakery and Delicatessen Breads, Cakes and Desserts

Further Information 

School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology 

T: 01 402 4520 (Mr. James McCauley, Programme Chair)

T: 01-402-4344 (School Office)