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Am I eligible?

If you are a jobseeker with a previous history of employment, Springboard might well be for you. Since 7 May 2015, Springboard has offered 9000 free places on over 280 courses leading to awards at certificate, degree and post-graduate level.

The majority of courses are part-time. To be eligible to participate on a part-time Springboard+ course an applicant must be a jobseeker.

Over 50 of the Springboard+ courses on offer are free, full-time or part-time conversion courses in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). These conversion courses are open to suitably qualified applicants, regardless of employment status. Applicants in receipt of a Jobseekers payment must meet additional DSP Criteria for full-time courses, but are not eligible for the two year part-time ICT Skills Conversion courses. 

Find out more about the Springboard 2015 Eligibility Criteria For Participants