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National Craft Certificate Apprenticeship in Brickwork & Stonelaying


What is a Brick and Stonelayer?

Brick and Stonelaying is an essential part of many structures – the work is mainly concerned with the laying of bricks and/or stone, in the construction of all types of walling, interior and exterior, from plain walls to more detailed work. The work can be solid and cavity walls, partitions, fi replaces, chimneys, and other structures and as many sizes and colours of building material are used and considerable skill is needed to combine these into bonds to meet requirements. 

Brick and Stonelayers are generally employed in the building industry or they may be engaged on maintenance work in large industrial undertakings. They may work on new buildings, extensions or the restoration of existing buildings.

Brick and Stonelayers require many skills including:‌

  • Working with a variety of specialised hand and power tools
  • Working with mortar to bond and point
  • The ability to work to specifi cations and adapt to surroundings to produce plumb and level walls
  • The ability to read plans and drawings to find out how the structure is to be built and take account of where corners need to be or where openings must be left for doors and windows
  • Attention to detail and accuracy – the Brick and Stonelayer has to make sure that the structure is accurate and meets design requirements. 

Health and safety is an important aspect of the job, so a Brick and Stonelayer needs to wear protective footwear, a safety helmet and, occasionally, safety glasses and hand protection.