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My career in Technology powered by an MSc in Strategic Management

Posted: 8 August, 2018

DIT Strategic Management graduate, Amanda Halpin, shares with us her career choices and what led her to her current role as EMEA Business Development Manager at Genesys.

Speaking honestly, I will admit that I didn’t know what I wanted to do after completing my undergraduate degree in Commerce International. While a lot of my peers pursued a career in Accounting and Finance, I knew that path wasn’t for me. Two main factors contributed to my decision in developing a career in selling technology. Early on in my career, I joined the Marketing Solutions team at Google which gave me the opportunity to consult SMEs on their digital marketing strategies. Within a few months, my clients were reporting business growth as a result of the digital strategy I had consulted them on. I had witnessed technology positively impacting the economy at a time when the global recession was at its worst.

My desire to work in tech was reinforced during my two year part-time Masters in Strategic Management in DIT, where I took a module in Innovation and Technology. Studying the impact of innovations in technology on society resonated with me and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. During the two year course, I learned a great deal about the potential risk of failure if innovations aren’t strategically introduced. We also studied about disruptive innovation and the need to manage change so competitors and society can embrace these technologies instead of being left behind. These learnings led me to focus my dissertation on change management as I think it’s an area that crucial for any strategy to succeed.

More recently, borne from my frustrations of poor customer experiences throughout the years, my decision to work with Altocloud was motivated by a desire to scale out a technology that removes the unnecessary frustration felt when one needs to engage with a service provider or organisation.

In an average month, I spend my time demoing Altocloud’s software to prospective customers, meeting existing customers to discuss their strategy, onboarding new clients, attending industry events and participating in conferences (at our demo stand or presenting on stage). Travel is a big part of my schedule as my potential, and current clients are based all over Europe. Since Altocloud’s acquisition by Genesys in late February 2018, the team have been busy planning and showcasing our solution to our new family at Genesys who have welcomed us with open arms!

I am a big fan of internships as this helped me greatly at the start of her career. I am also a huge advocate of part-time Masters; I consider it like practical education where you gain a deep understanding of a subject area, and you can put these learnings to practice in the workplace.

Amanda Halpin is a 2011 Graduate of the MSc in Strategic Management, which is currently accepting applications for September 2018.