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DIT team place FIRST in ASC International Design Build competition

Posted: 26 February, 2018

A multi-disciplinary team from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and Oklahoma University International (OU) placed first in the annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region V/TEXO Design Build competition sponsored by the BECK Group.

The Green Valley Group: {L-R} Micheal Ryan (DIT), Jacob Little (OU), Anika Saynyarack (OU), Hannah Lang (OU), Sarah Gibney (DIT) and Conor Lawlor (DIT)

The international team consisted of three DIT representatives -  final-year Construction Management student Conor Lawlor, Architecture student Sarah Gibney and Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics student Micheal Ryan. Three College of Architecture students represented Oklahoma University (OU), Hannah Lang and Jacob Little (Construction Science) with Anika Saynyarack (Architecture), in the well-established and prestigious student test.

The competition required the team (the Green Valley Group) to respond to a Request For Proposal in which they had to design, estimate the cost and schedule the construction process of an Addiction Treatment Center in Lucas, Texas.  Following a sixteen-hour ‘lockdown’ on Saturday 17th February, from 7 am until 11 pm, the team travelled to Dallas to present their design at the Construction Association's (TEXO) headquarters along with the other ancillary material in advance of the 6 pm hand in deadline on February 18th.

The following day the team were then required to give a thirty-minute presentation to a panel of judges from the BECK Group. The team placed a very credible first ahead of many of their American counterparts, while Hannah Lang from OU took second place in the best presenter category.  The site location offered some varied and commanding challenges to the competitors and called for a multidisciplinary approach to address the requirements of the client.

Welcoming the news from Texas, Professor Lloyd Scott, College of Engineering and Built Environment at DIT, said "Learning is an everyday occurrence, and often it is taken for granted and not fully appreciated. An intense competition, such as the International Design Build, can have the effect of providing the context for one to reflect and open one's mind to the value of learning! The Chinese proverb, 'tell me and I'll forget, show me, and I may remember; involve me, and I'll understand' very much relates to the underpinning philosophy of the ASC competition approach. The DIT/ OU students certainly have learned from this collaborative project, one that will remain in their minds forever!"

Following their excellent performance this year, DIT has once again received an invitation to come back to compete in 2019.

Addiction Treatment Centre


Site Logistics

DIT and OU students working on their design proposal 

Sarah Gibney, Michael Ryan and Conor Lawlor see the sites during their trip to Texas