Project templates for the ICT work programme

To assist in the prioritisation and subsequent implementation of the ICT work programme, ICT Services have developed a set of templates for use by Project Sponsors/Managers. It has been agreed by the SLT Campus Development sub-committee at its meeting of 12th July 2016 that these templates must be used when submitting proposals/reports. The amount of detail to be captured should be commensurate with the size and scope of each project/BAU..


Mandatory templates

 ICT project proposal 2017

The Project Proposal/Charter is a two-part document that can be updated as the requirements of the proposed project, and the associated costs, become more clear.

Part 1 contains the proposal template, and should be completed at the very start when the project is in the early stages of ideation. The information provided is likely to be sketchy, but should be sufficient to capture the scale of the project, and the extent to which the benefits justify the resources required. The details provided via this form will be used by SLT Campus Development to determine whether the proposal should be progressed to the charter development stage. Therefore, it is essential that proposals are discussed with the relevant ICT manager prior to submission.

Part 2 can be submitted following formal approval of a project proposal by SLT Campus Development. This project charter should demonstrate that there is a clear understanding of all elements of the proposed project, and that there is an approporate governance structure, including a project manager, in place. Following submission, Campus Development will decide on whether to commit to allocating the requested costs and resources to this project, or elsewhere.

Please note that information submitted using this template will be submitted to the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform for approval in line with Circular 02/16: Arrangements for Digital and ICT-related Expenditure in the Civil and Public Service

 Project budget request  This form is used to request the creation of a budget sub-accounts and/or the allocation of funding for the project
Project Plan

Microsoft Project 2016 (or later) is the preferred method for managing a project plan. To obtain Project, please contact the DIT Service Desk via the Service Portal, or email

 Project progress report

Once a project has been approved and has entered the execution phase, a progress report must be submitted at regular intervals (usually every month) to Campus Development. This report must detail the progress of the project against the project plan. ICT Services will use this report to help create a high-level view of the ICT work programme for presentation to Campus Development

Risk register Each project must maintain a risk register and action plan in order to document, and mitigate, risks to the project. DIT has put in place a comprehensive risk management programme, and the Institute templates are available on the DIT Intranet
Project closure template The project closure form is initiated once the project work is completed. The closure form captures key information such as the actual cost and deliverables, as well as lessons learned through the project.





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