Current Opportunities at IEO:



Project: Pressure activated colour changing optical device      
 Post Doc position  (Closing date September 11th 2015)  

The aim of this project is to evaluate the commercial potential of an optical security device that can change colour when a relatively low pressure is applied to it. For example the device has a form of plastic sticker/label that changes colour from red to green when pressed by a finger. This device in its simplest form is a volume reflection hologram of a mirror, thus producing a single colour in reflection, but it could also be a hologram of an object, which will make it even more difficult to copy. The technical work on this project will involve the development of photopolymer formulations (including nanocomposite materials) with tuneable mechanical properties suitable for recording of reflection holograms and the spectroscopic characterisation of the holograms under applied pressure. The design of colour-changing, pressure-sensitive devices for anti-counterfeit applications and identification of a potential method for mass production of pressure-sensitive holographic devices are also part of the work plan.


 To apply, search job ID 005977 on DIT's recruitment web page

  Project: Developing diffractive devices for LED lighting systems  
 Post Doc position  (Closing date September 21st 2015)  

The main aim of this project is to create diffractive lenses through laser patterning (holographic recording) in a photosensitive polymer layer. The research work will first deliver a functioning prototype suitable for use with single-colour LEDs, then adapt this for use with white light LEDs. The successful candidate must have an honours bachelor degree or equivalent in physics or related area and a PhD in a relevant area. Significant research experience in optics and a good publication track record are essential. Activities will focus on both theoretical analysis and design of the devices and experimental investigation, with an emphasis on commercial applicability.


 To apply, search job ID 006077 on DIT's recruitment web page