Investing in a start-up

Dublin has a thriving start-up ecosystem, with DIT Hothouse being a key player. On our DIT Hothouse New Frontiers programme we work directly with up to 70 innovative start-ups each year.


Successfully raising the level of investment required to achieve the objectives of the business is one of the key success factors for any start-up. Investment always involves a certain degree of risk for all those involved.

While investing in an early stage business opportunity can involve risk, there are many ways to reduce this level of risk by working with business angel networks such as HBAN ( While it is not the role of DIT Hothouse to advise potential investors on investment in any specific company, we are always eager to facilitate networking between our participants seeking business finance and investors that are interested in early stage investment.

If you are an individual investor, we suggest you read the guide provided by the Halo Business Angel Network with whom we work closely.