What is iSeal?

iSeal is an advanced surface treatment for the protection of surfaces against corrosion and combined wear & corrosion degradation (Tribocorrosion). Click "More" for details.


iSeal is based on the quick and easy application of a hybrid organic/inorganic treatment onto an exposed surface – either as a stand-alone treatment or as a sealant. iSeal was carefully engineered to serve companies manufacturing products for the aerospace, automotive and wave energy sectors.

How will iSeal revolutionize surface coating?

iSeal aids the reduction of corrosion degradation to relative 0. Click "More" to find out how.



  • Low Cost compared to other treatments 
  • Conformal & uniform thickness ensure that iSeal can be applied independent of component design
  • iSeal is quick to apply (15 – 20 minutes) and can be done in batch-format (i.e. multiple components at once)
  • May be applied in combination - enhances the effectiveness of wear resistant coatings and reduces the effective surface roughness.
  • Highly flexible – iSeal can be used to seal any porous wear resistant coating
 - How iSeal reduces corrosion rates?
iSeal aids the reduction of corrosion degradation to relative 0.
With iSeal, corrosion rates are reduced by between 103 and 105 times, dependent on the nature of the porous coating. Tests on metallic coatings show a reduction of corrosion rates of approximately 103- 104 and tests on ceramic coatings indicate a reduction in corrosion rates of approximately 105.

Where to use iSeal?

Applications of iSeal include following:


  • A pre-treatment for corrosion protection, suitable for industries such as aerospace, automotive and pulp & paper.  
  • A post-treatment (sealant) for porous wear resistant thermal spray or anodized coatings for advanced resistance to tribocorrosive degradation. 
  • Application on complex surfaces with tight conformal control on thickness, making it ideal for use on products such as extruders, mixers, valves and pump impellers. 
  • As a sealant, the technology can be applied to any conducting surface, including metals, metal composites and conducting polymers, giving it a wide usability scope.

The opportunity for companies

The global thermal spray industry is an established market worth approximately €5 billion per annum.


Estimates project that the market is due to increase by 8.1% over the period 2014-2019.

Current stage of development

The iSeal technology is capable of demonstration in a lab-bench environment and now requires further commercial development to commercialize at scale. Click "More" for details.


iSeal was developed by researchers in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Focas Research Institute supported by funding from DIT and Enterprise Ireland.

The iSeal technology is patent-pending.

Contact DIT Hothouse about iSeal today

If you are interested to commercialize iSeal, reach out to our Hothouse licensing executive Kieran O'Connell. Click "More" for details.


DIT is currently seeking expressions of interest from potential business partners interested in commercializing the technology via licensing or development of a new spin-out company.
If you are interested to commercialize iSeal, reach out to our Hothouse licensing executive Kieran O'Connell 
E: kieran.oconnell@dit.ie
T: +353 1 402 3111‌

Kieran has extensive commercial experience, having worked in senior positions at Unilever in the UK, Roche Pharmaceutical Company and the British sugar company, Tate and Lyle. A graduate of Queen’s University Belfast, a chartered biologist (Institute of Biology London), Kieran recently graduated with an MBA from University of Stirling in Scotland.

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