Emergency Response

View our DVD for Emergency response in DIT

Fire Evacuation Drills Academic year 2016/17

Exam Invigilator Brief


Food Allergens

 Food Allergy Questionnaire for Students

Definitions of Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Frequently Asked Questions

Food Allergy Supporting Medical Documentation Form

Emergency Procedures

These posters highlight what to do in various emergency situations.

Check out our safety noticeboards and can also be viewed below:

Important Contact Telephone Numbers

Contacting Emergency Services

Biological Emergency

Bomb Threat or Terrorist Incident

Chemical Contamination

Electrical Emergency

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

First-Aid Procedure

Food Poisoning

Gas Leak

If you discover fire or other emergency


Pandemic Influenza

Violence or Criminal Activity

Water Contamination


Evacuation chair demo

View a video highlighting evacuation chair training



Historical Evacuation Drills Dates

 2015 College of Arts & Tourism

Cathal Brugha St.                

5th March 2015 

Sackville Place                    


2nd March 2015 

Chatham Row               


3rd March 2015

163 Rathmines Road           


5th March 2015

40-45 Mountjoy Square          

5th March 2015


3rd March 2015



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