Undergraduate Courses in the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    The School offers a number of degrees at ordinary (level 7) and honours (level 8) degree level and they are listed below. For more details, click on the link provided. In all cases, it is important to consult the minimum entry requirements. If you have a specific query, the Further Information section at these links gives the relevant contact details. 

    These courses make full use of the extensive laboratory facilities available as well as providing a broad background to theory and specific case studies and applications. E-learning support mechanisms are also embedded. 

    Level 8 Courses

    Level 7 Courses

    Note that on completion of our level 7 three year course (DT 261), students who achieve the appropriate grades are eligible to apply for entry to the final year (4th year) of our Honours Degree programmes in Forensic and Environmental Chemistry (DT203) and in Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry (DT299)  


Job Seekers

    The School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in collaboration with Get Reskilled overs a number of courses for jobseekers through the Springboard Initiative.




    What is the Springboard initiative?

    The Springboard initiative in higher education offers free, part-time courses at certificate, degree and masters level, leading to qualifications that are in demand among employers.


    W‌ho can apply through Springboard?

    Springboard is open to jobseekers who have a previous history of employment and believe that a focused, high-quality qualification is the key to getting back to work.


    What courses are available?