Telephone counselling for Distance Learner Students

if you located in one of the Institute’s Distance Learning Sites but you would still like to access the counselling service. You can avail of telephone counselling. These telephone sessions can be arranged through the secretary by contacting her at 402 3352. Before you avail of these sessions, you will need to complete the service intake form which can be downloaded form the web site and familiarise yourself with the service’s policy on confidentiality.

How long will the telephone counselling session last?

The session will last approximately 30 minutes depending upon your needs.

How many sessions can I avail of?

You can avail of a number of telephone sessions depending upon your need. Face to face counselling is obviously preferable to speaking over the telephone so it may be possible to combine a number of telephone sessions and a face to face session if you were able to travel up to one of the DIT counselling offices. We do see students outside of the academic term so it may be possible for you to arrange to meet with a counsellor outside of term time.

Can I avail of telephone counselling if I am feeling suicidal?

We can, of course, offer support over the phone to any student who is feeling very distressed but we would strongly recommend that you tell someone in your immediate environment of you are felling suicidal or very distressed. A tutor or lecturer will be able to arrange that you speak with a doctor in confidence or in the event that your tutor or lecturer is not available, please contact your own GP. We can also help you access local professional services if required.

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