A Guide to Arrival and Survival in College


Entering Third Level marks the beginning of a new educational, personal and social development in your life.

It is a time of great excitement and some trepidation for most students. Finally the time has arrived that you are studying the things you want, you have more freedom and are meeting new friends.

Many students face a mixture of emotions when they arrive in college. Maybe you are moving out of home for the first time? Leaving your friends? Starting out in a new city?


All of these new adventures can create an element of anxiety as well as excitement for you. Know that all the staff in DIT are here to help yuo in your transitions. You have many avenues of support: your lecturers, the studnet counselling service, campus life, DIT Student Union(DITSU) and of course your friends and families.

College life provides many new experiences to be enjoyed and savoured, but with them come new demands and challenges to face during your academic career. Even at the best of times, many new studnets will confront difficulties that may require getting some help and support with, such as homesickness or financial worries. DIT provides a very comprehensive support network for all students to avail of. All you need to remember is to ask for help! Coping with college can be made a lot easier if you build up a 'tool kit' of coping strategies.

You can contact the student counselling and development service for help in any areas of concern such as:

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