The DIT Counselling Service - A safe space to talk- in strict confidentiality

Just like any medical professional, the counselling service is bound to strict confidentiality. Your counsellor will not make any contact with your family, your lecturers, your doctor etc., unless you explicitly ask them to do so.

However, in some exceptional circumstances student counsellors are obliged by their professional code of ethics to breach confidentiality. This includes the following:

  • if there is a significant and immediate risk of a client harming themselves or others
  • if there are serious concerns about the welfare of a minor (for instance reported child abuse in the family)
  • if a client is involved in a court case, and case notes are subpoenaed by a judge

If any of this were to occur, the student counsellor would very carefully consider whether a breach of confidentiality is necessary. Before taking any steps, they would discuss the matter openly with you, wherever possible.

In your first meeting with your counsellor, they will explain all this to you and answer any questions you may have about confidentiality.

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