Innovative Retail Location Innovation Technology Commercialised through New DIT Spin-Off

30 June 2016

Dr Bill Dwan, lecturer in Retail Location in the School of Retail and Services Management, has established through cooperation with DIT Hothouse a spin-off enterprise to commericalise an innovative retail location technology.

The spin-off enterprise, Eagletown, has benefited from two Enterprise Ireland feasibility grants, and is currently in the process of working with Enterprise Ireland and DIT Hothouse to source additional funding to further develop the technology initially developed during Bill’s doctoral studies at DIT, and further developed in research carried out subsequently.

Eagletown will provide two retail location services – both developed from Bill’s research.  Firstly, it will provide retail location expertise and solutions to local authorities, government agencies, retailers, banks and developers.  Significant interest from Irish and international retailers as well as local authorities is currently being pursued. Secondly, it will offer a web platform that can be used by location analysts around the world.  This platform offers significant potential to develop export markets for Eagletown.

Bill explains that the business can deliver services to support public and private good: “A key objective of the business is to significantly assist public decision making in additional to the commercial opportunities that we are targeting”.

For more information on this project please contact Dr Bill Dwan at