Mojisola Obazuaye- How I discovered my true passion for fashion

25 October 2017

From microbiology to high fashion: Find out how Mojisola Obazuaye, a student of the Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Buying & Management at DIT College of Business, decided to make the jump into the world of fashion and how DIT is providing a parachute.

African-Irish, originally from Nigeria, Mojisola has lived in Ireland the past 13 years and is a wife and mother to two boys. Having started her education in science, with a degree firstly in Microbiology from Nigerian’s Premier University, University of Ibadan followed by a degree in Industrial Biology with Bioinformatics from the IT Carlow, Mojisola is now paving a career for herself in the world of fashion. You can read the full piece on our Business Blog. 

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