Can Ryanair survive this nosedive? Dr. Tara Rooney

10 October 2017

In the News: Dr Tara Rooney, School of Marketing shares her thoughts on Ryanair's recent flight cancellations, from a brand perspective on RTE's new platform Brainstorm.

RTÉ Brainstorm is where the academic and research community will contribute to public debate, reflect on what’s happening in the world around us and communicate fresh thinking on a broad range of issues. 

Dr Rooney stated- 'Watching the Ryanair crisis unfold this week made a Rhett Butler quote spring to mind: "with enough courage you can do without a reputation". Brand reputation is a measure of how people react to a brand. A good brand reputation means that customers have confidence, trust and have positive feelings about your brand. A bad one has the opposite effects.'

You can read Tara's full opinion piece here.

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