Methods of Relational Discourse- Tomas Marttila

13 September 2017

Join us for a talk on 'Methods of Relational Discourse' with Tomas Marttila from the Institute of Sociology at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Methods of Relational Discourse | Tomas Marttila

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 | 5pm-6pm

Room 4091, Dublin Institute of Technology | Aungier Street | Dublin 2  

Tomas Marttila is the author of 'Post-Foundational Discourse Analysis: From Political Difference to Empirical Research' and 'The Culture of Enterprise in Neoliberalism: Specters of Entrepreneurship'. Also due for release this year- ‘Discourse, Culture, Organization: Inquiries into Relational Structures of Power'. Marttila has published a number of academic articles in the field to include 'Post-Foundational Discourse Analysis: A Suggestion for a Research Program-Qualitative Social Research' and 'Whither Governmentality Research? A Case Study of the Governmentalization of the Entrepreneur in the French Epistemological Tradition. Historical Social Research'

The seminar would be of use to anyone who is using or considering using discourse analysis in business or more general research on societal issues.

All are welcome, please ensure to register here to secure your place on the evening. 

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